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For environmental and quality reasons, we normally work with Spanish suppliers. For the same reason, we can therefore also offer Spanish vegetable-tanned leather. Of course, we can arrange leathers from all suppliers around the world. If you are looking for something really exclusive, why not choose Swedish vegetable tanned leather?

Some of our customers want reptile skins in their boots. We have a license and the experience to produce in this material if this is what you prefer. Or if you want, choose a printed leather instead?


Leather soles from Spain? Morflex from VIBRAM, or why not leather soles from J R Rendenbach? Soles for outdoor use or casual walks in the city? What is suitable for a southern or northern European climate?

If you have not already decided, we will gladly guide you to what suits you.


Lasts for us is the last one of the most important part when we build a boot to get a great fitting. In some styles, for example Western, we work with three different toe shapes, three types of lasts. In others styles the models come with a given toe shape, it is the signature of the model.

We will most likely have the last that is required to produce your boots in stock. If there are options to choose from we will present them to you. If you want to experiment and make your own design we will have new lasts made, of course, they are made in Spain.

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Logos, zippers, straps, rivets, steel toes, heights on shaft etc. There is a lot that sets the look and function of a boot. Maybe you already have everything ready for what your product should look like?


If not, we will be happy to suggest what you can do without losing a good fit. If you wish, we will gladly build a sample for you so that you can then make the final decisions.

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