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About us


A small business for repairing shoes opened up in Valverde del Camino, a minor event that would have a great impact. Because with that, in the very heart of Andalusia, the craftsmanship of manufacturing boots started and has evolved ever since. With the time and dedication that the locals invested in the design, the production and processes involved in the making of a pair of boots a unique talent and craftsmanship were cemented. And to this day, it can not be found anywhere else.

OUR PROMISE is to realise and incarnate your collection, design and vision. Exclusive customisation with the goodyear welt along with other tailored stations and details needed to create your desired outcome.​ High, Low, Western, Chelsea, Biker, Boots, Shoes and more.​ Our promise, your footwear. 


"We are a company that brings with us and rests upon generations of experience and competence, in Valverde del Camino. This is our foundation and with that, we are ready to meet the needs of the future.

We are taking our responsibility for the quality, as well as sustainability in regards to production and our craftsmanship. From both a costumers, local partner as well as global perspective."

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