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"What makes Primeboots Planta Uno different from competitors, is the time and dedication that the people invest in the design, the production and any process involved in the making of a pair of boots.

- Ana Maria Gomez, Head of Product Quality Control

Handmade Craftsmanship

For generations, we have manufactured high-quality products to last a lifetime.


The historic craftsmanship of boots, shoes and more can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Welcome to the hills of southwestern Andalusia. 


Welcome to Primeboots Planta UNO  

We provide full control over all the steps and components which are used in the manufacturing of high-quality leather footwear.

That makes us always ready to customize the production chain to fulfil your design and style.

Our Showroom withholds a peak of styles and models 

Let´s walk together, proudly for the next 100 years

Our vision at Primeboots planta Uno is to empower human-centric design and collaboratively guide brands into a new era of heritage-rich and sustainable fashion.


We are proud over our Andalusian heritage, the experience and competence our employees possess and the contribution we give to a more sustainable future 

We origin from and strive towards longterm collaborations

and market impacts. 

We provide support and high-level service through all parts of our process. 


We create handmade high-quality products.


We produce sustainable products.


We work through the feedback and are flexible for our client's needs.


We have knowledge, expertise and experience in our field of work.


We are easily accessible, personal and have a professional and agile work culture.



Tel. +34 959 028 165

Pol. Ind. El Monete 90-92

 21 600 Valverde del Camino

Huelva, Spain





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